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Why do you need branding and design?

The music industry is saturated with artists. With more than 40,000 songs added to Spotify daily, you need to find a way to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. To do this you need to create a professional brand.

We will help you to create a memorable image and brand. Our award-winning team of designers and brand specialists will work with you to create your own individual brand which works in perfect harmony with your iconic sound.

What’s included

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Branding and Styling

You’ll collaborate with our designers and brand specialists to define your own unique cohesive image and brand. This can then be used across all of your channels including Instagram, Spotify, your website and merchandising.

We’ll help you come up with your color palette, fonts, art inspiration and photo editing style that best represents you and your music. As with our production services, you have complete control of the process throughout and we will work with you until you’re happy.


Our designers will then create a series of edited images and a logo for your brand as an artist which will be instantly recognisable. A logo is an essential design component. It will make you look more professional as an artist and is a great marketing tool to help you stand out.

Think of how you feel when you see your favorite artist’s logo on a T-Shirt or a poster for a festival line-up – we’ll do this for you. We’ll also design bespoke album artwork for your single and EP.

Social Media

Our designers will use your brand to create targeted social media assets for Instagram. This includes ads, animations, videos and release teasers.

You can then either share these across your channels yourself, or work with one of our PR and marketing experts who will help you to create marketing campaigns to ensure you make the maximum impact.

Artist Focus

James Daly

Songwriter/ Singer

We worked with James Daly on his branding ahead of the launch of his new single. James wanted something that was bright, bold and playful. We started by using inspirational images which had some pop art influences, akin to Warhol or Lichtenstein. The images featured bright colors with a cartoon style. We boiled all of this down to create a bold pastel color palette, and settled on a few different fonts which drew influence from grafitti and 90s hip-hop styles. Once we had chosen the colors and fonts which best represented James’ style, we then looked at how we could integreate this into the images that James already had. By applying his bespoke created brand and style guide to his existing photos, we updated his images to suit his new brand. These were then used across his albumn artwork as well as a social media campaign on Instagram ahead of his new single release.


Songwriter/ Singer

Maria came to us with a vision for a modern and eye-catching brand identity. She chose inspiration images which were saturated in purple, pink and neon tones. She wanted something bold, sexy and vibrant. For her fonts she wanted a mismatch of styles, including some bold text, some handwritten styles as well as text with tattoo influences. The challenge here was taking such varied design components and creating something bold and cohesive. Working with Maria, we settled on the bold fonts which then also featured in her logo. Her photos were edited by using pink and purple overlays, making use of her chosen color palette and creating a dream-like effect. We used this throughout her images, as well as adding a style border frame to all her pictures to create a powerful branding to suit her chosen style.

James Daly


Combine our Marketing and Branding
Services for Maximum Impact

Combine our Marketing and Branding Services for Maximum Impact

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Electronic Press Kit

Bespoke Press Release

Submission & Follow-Ups*


Branding & Style Guide


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Electronic Press Kit Plus

Bespoke Press Release

Submission & Follow-Ups*


Branding & Style Guide

1hr Consultation Session

2 Edited Professional Photos (To be provided by Artist)


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