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The Process

Step one

Make a rough recording of your song and send it in. Don’t worry about getting this sounding perfect! It's simply for us to get an understanding of your song.

If you already have ideas for how you want it to sound, please include these with your submission.

Step two

Once we've got your demo, we'll share it with our team of producers and start to come up with exciting ideas right away. On Your first consultation call we will discuss your vision, share ideas, and come to understand exactly what you’re looking for. We'll go through your influences and inspirations, any reference tracks, and put together a blueprint for the finished track.

Step three

Blueprint in hand, we hit the studio and lay down your first draft with our team of session musicians. We bring this to you for another discussion, listen to your notes and feedback, and then head back into the studio to make the edits you require. We want you to be involved in the process every step of the way, so You can book in as much time with your producer as you need, free of charge.

After the first draft we will ask you for a guide vocal. This is useful as it allows you to hear the track as whole.

Perfecting the track usually takes between 3-5 drafts, although we have had several projects that need fewer.

Step four

Once you're totally happy with backing track, it's time for you to record your vocals. We want to make sure we have more than enough to work with so we ask for at least 3 takes. Simply send us the audio files and we'll mix and master everything at our end.

100% of the copyright ownership is signed over to you so any and all future profits are yours to keep.

Want to have your producer livestream into your vocal recording session to guide you through the process? Ask about live producer sessions on your call.


What Our Clients Say

Manuel Photos

Manuel Cassaretto

Montevideo, Uruguay

'To all the musicians and artists like me who want to put their music out there and want to be heard; trust me, this is the way to go!'

Luke Photos

Luke White

Northampton, UK

'When you hear the song for the first time it is an incredible. I felt euphoric when I heard my song come to life. Thanks TORS!'

Ang Photos


New York, USA

'I really liked that I could say literally anything and they would make it happen. They make you know that you are the most important voice in the whole process and it’s really awesome!'

Kade Photos


Texas, USA

'It’s kind of a no brainer, it sounds like it’s too good to be true. But take it from a guy who knows, this was a phenomenal experience and you will be very very impressed!'

Tiffany Photos

Tiffany Frampton

Dallas, Texas

'Their team is amazing! They’re super friendly and they help you with your music whatever experience of level you’re at. I can’t wait to do more!'

Linny Photos

Linny Bailey

Central Texas

'I have become a much better musician through this. It feels like a family, I know that’s so cheesy but it does, when you work with TORS it’s like you’ve gained a new family!'


Chris Deep

Moss Point, Mississippi

‘They understood my vision, developed it with me, and produced it EXACTLY as I imagined it - it’s amazing!’

Keiji Photos

Keiji Ikeda

Hokkaido, Japan

'I’ve never been disappointed with any of the tracks we’ve worked on. The songs we’ve recorded have reached number one in several countries in Asia!'

Tony Photos

Tony Roddy

Albuquerque, New Mexico

‘I love working with TORS. It really takes you out of your bubble and gives you that professional sound you’ve been looking for!'

Manuel Photos
Luke Photos
Ang Photos
Kade Photos
Tiffany Photos
Linny Photos
Keiji Photos
Tony Photos

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