How much does it cost to record with My First Single™?

Our goal is to make it affordable for anyone to record their tracks to a high, studio-quality standard.You can build a project - with the instrumentation and production being fully customizable to suit your needs. It's important to note that MyFirstSingle™ does price per project as opposed to hourly/per detail. This allows us to spend as much time as is necessary to create the best possible track for you.

I don't think my song is ready to record, what should I do?

Sometimes its difficult to know when you’re ready to share your music with someone. We get it. But we are here to help. We’re happy to hear what you’ve got and help you turn it into something amazing. Our philosophy is that great music comes from collaboration, so we will work with you closely to get the best sound possible for your track. So don’t let the feeling that it’s ‘not quite there yet’ or ‘still needs something’ stop you from submitting something to us. Why not schedule a free 15-minute chat with one of our producers to see if MyFirstSingle™ is right for you?

Where do I record?

Wherever you want! We take care of producing an amazing backing track for you in our studios, then you record your own vocals from anywhere in the world. Could be in your home, at school, or even at work!

How long will it take to complete my track?

It varies from track to track depending on the size/complexity etc. Your producers will be able to give you a better understanding of the timeline once you've discussed the details of the project.

What if I have no experience?

That's not a problem. Everyone at My First Single is here to help you get your music sounding amazing, so don't worry. We're happy to support you as much as you'd like.

Who owns the copyright for my track?

You do! On completion of the project we sign over all of the rights to your song to you. This means you'll own 100% of the track and any future profits it makes.

Which genres does My First Single™ offer?

Our team of producers are experienced in almost all genres of music. Pop, Rock, Folk, Hip-Hop; you name it! Get in touch to find out if MyFirstSingle™ is right for you.