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News/ Equipment, Production

Pick The Best Microphone For Your Budget

For your songs to sound the best they can, it couldn't more more important that you're recording on the best possible equipment. Whilst we totally.
Dave Gerhart - 20 October 2020
4 min read

News/ Motivation

Thank you, Sir Ken Robinson

Note from TORS: Alex is the CEO of, The UK's largest online platform for pairing music students with experienced tutors in a.
Alex Wilbrew - 20 October 2020
3 min read

News/ Instagram, Promotion

How To Optimize Your Instagram Bio

As an artist in 2020, it is vital that you have an effective and consistent digital marketing strategy in place. Instagram is undoubtedly one of (if.
Joe Wadsworth - 20 October 2020
4 min read

News/ Recording, Production

Complete Vocal Mastery Sneak Peek - Choosing A Microphone

By popular demand, here's one of the lessons from our Complete Vocal Mastery course!
Jonny Martin - 20 October 2020
5 min read

News/ Mixing Vocals, Music Production

Using EQ On Vocals: The Basics

Equalisation (EQ) is the process of changing the balance of different frequency components in your audio signal. A good mix consists of each element.
Joe Wadsworth - 20 October 2020
4 min read

News/ Music Production, Equipment

Ultimate Microphone Showdown: Condenser vs Dynamic vs Ribbon

Joe Wadsworth - 20 October 2020
5 min read

News/ Songwriting, Motivation

7 Ways to Break Through Your Writer's Block (For Songwriters)

  You have a song in there. A great song, maybe even a hit – but it's stuck under your writer's block.  Nearly every single songwriter we’ve worked.
Joe Wadsworth - 20 October 2020
6 min read